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Since 2012


The boat that started our company, the Pintail Pirogue, has been the most popular among waterfowl hunters and fishermen since 2012.

It is simple, sleek, and down right effective!

We're not at all talking negative about owning a big bad rig, with as much horsepower as you can throw on it, but it will only get you as far as the narrowest tree group you can squeeze through or the shallowest water you can run in. But if you want a boat that can get you all the way to that sweet spot, as far back as you can possibly go, the Pintail Pirogue is the one for you!


Phowler Boat Company Merger

In 2019, Pintail Boats purchased The Phowler Boat Company out of Clinton, IA. We currently build the original Phowler Sneak Boat line from the small timber 36 series to the open water 50 series. These sneak boats are the ultimate combination of boat and hunting platform. Weather you hunt flooded fields, timber or open water this is the boat for you.

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