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How it all began...

In 2012, I was in the market for a lightweight, durable, aluminum duck boat. I searched endlessly only to come up empty-handed. We hunt hard and our equipment takes a beating. I needed a boat that could withstand the abuse and keep going season after season. From this I designed the Pintail Pirogue to take whatever you can throw at it and last a lifetime. We strive to build a boat that fathers can pass on to their children and them to the next generation. We promise you won’t want to get rid of this one!

Our Quality

My grandfather was a trim carpenter. He believed in three words, PLUMB, LEVEL, and SQUARE. If you could not do your work within these three words, you did not have any business doing the work. We operate using that same mentality. Every boat that we design and build is hand-made. This isn’t an assembly line. We build each boat with pride and compassion as if we were building it for ourselves. We want to make your purchasing experience personal, whether you buy form us or one of our partnering  dealers. Don’t believe me? I’ll even give you my personal cell… 662-934-3136


We thank all of customers for making everything that we do possible!


Carly & Chris Downs

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